Forte's award winning, Jungle Babies Course for 6 months to 18 months old.

Jungle Babies has been specially designed to introduce parent and baby to the music. You will immerse your baby in a rich diversity of activities and sensory experiences each week at your lesson and can repeat these at home. There has been much research about the benefits of exposing babies and young children to music and musical activities. Jungle Babies is a wonderful time to introduce your baby to the world of sound and music in a warm, nurturing atmosphere with other parents and their babies.

Jungle Babies is part of the Jungle Music courses and opens up a world of music for you and your child.

Why is music so important to babies?

At this pre-linguistic stage your child’s hearing abilities develop in preparation for the job ahead of learning to talk. Now is the time to engage, enhance and simply play with sound – and there is no better way to do that than with music. Neuro-science has proven that engaging in musical activities with your child will improve brain development.

What you’ll notice…

As your baby becomes familiar with music, they will begin to predict the end of section changes. This means your baby is digesting the music; making sense of it for themselves. This is your baby beginning a life-long relationship with music.

It's FUN! Parents and children learn to make music together. There's plenty of activities to keep your young learner engaged using our high quality classroom instruments and resources.

Why do music with your baby?

Independent research has linked music education for young children to enhanced cognitive ability, improved memory, working as a team, time management, and creative thinking. Put simply, learning music helps to create a smarter, happier, and more confident child. 

What will my child experience?

Your child will be immersed in a musically rich environment where we will reinforce the fundamentals of music with movement, songs and instruments. Classes include directed creative movement, singing, dances and other circle activities aimed at developing musical understanding through doing.

Jungle Music equipment has been selected for this age and offers a rich range of sensory development. Jungle Music equipment includes:-

  • huge silky parachute
  • colourful floaty scarves
  • class sets of a wide range of percussion instruments
  • little puppets
  • felt notes
  • soft animal toys themed for each unit

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