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Yes babies & toddlers gain huge benefits from learning in our Jungle Music program. Each Forte course has been specially designed for a particular age group.

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Come and experience quality music lessons in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment and see how much fun learning music can be at Forte with our team of dynamic teachers headed by Pik Kong.

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Having learned piano as a child, I thought it would be difficult to basically learn from scratch, but Pik has helped me develop the skills to pick it up again.

Pik has made my learning experience a positive and productive one. I enjoy the challenge of taking home a new piece of music and trying to master it. Pik has also introduced me to playing duet pieces which I had not previously done. I find these especially enjoyable. They are a challenge but I think they are the great way to achieve the timing and feeling of a piece of music, and it is a great sense of achievement to find that synchronisation when playing a piece with another person.
— Chris (Adult Student), Forte Mt Waverley

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Level 2, 10 Hamilton Place, Mt Waverley, Victoria, 3149 

Music lessons Mount Waverley. Music lessons in the heart of the  south eastern suburbs. Only 5 mins away from Glen Waverley and  Syndal and 10 mins from many other neighbouring south eastern suburbs including Ashburton, Glen Iris, Burwood  East, Chadstone, Clayton and Oakleigh.

You can find us just a few doors away from the Mt Waverley train station. Mt Waverley is on the Glen Waverley metropolitan train line.

Pik Kong, Director - Forte School of Music

Pik Kong, Director

I truly believe music education is essential for children. There is definitely more to it than simply learning to read notes or playing through a piece of music.

It is well documented that music lessons gives the brain a full workout, which in turn prepares children for all areas of learning, as well as helps develop better gross and fine motor skills. Apart from this, I believe music lessons imbue in children the most invaluable set of character building traits. Kids get to learn what commitment means as learning music is a journey, not a short-term pursuit. This takes diligence, discipline and perseverance because instant gratification is rare, especially during their initial years of learning.

It is always wonderful to observe the impact that music education has on children. I have seen many children become more self confident through their musical achievements and performances. Because of this, I don’t think any parent would regret sending their child to music lessons.

I hope my team of wonderful teachers and myself can continue to inspire and nurture my students so they can gain a lifelong appreciation and love for music.
— Pik Kong - Director Forte Mt Waverley

Pik holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Music & Law) as well as an Associate Diploma in Piano Recital from Trinity College of Music, London.


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My two children have been involved with the Music is Fun and Jungle Music programs with Pik from Forte Mt Waverley. The programs have given my children some great skills and confidence in performing to others as they work through their lessons each week.

Pik has been a supportive and engaging teacher who is clearly passionate about about developing the skills of her students.

The programs are a lot of fun and facilitate the learning needs of each child. My children are always excited to go to lessons and look forward to playing the variety of instruments on offer and singing along to their favourite songs. I highly recommend Pik and her team at Forte.
— Adriana - Mother of 2 and School Teacher