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Learning music is Fun!

Music should be part of everyone’s life. Babies, toddlers, pre schoolers, children of all ages, teens and adults can learn music and enjoy the enormous benefits, fun and life enrichment that having music in life can bring.

After all Music is for life and playing music is a lifelong skill providing enormous pleasure and satisfaction. Many will remember learning piano with a crotchetty old teacher, drilling scales and boring pieces. Whilst there are plenty of teachers out there still teaching that way, you really can have loads of fun learning music.

Learning at Forte for little ones is best done in one of our amazing Forte courses with other children. It's such fun and surprisingly offers many benefits skills that are almost impossible to gain in private lessons. Aural skills, ensemble playing (playing with others) and possibly the most significant is the confidence that our students gain through regularly performing for each other.

Many of us only ever performed under extreme stress either in an exam or eisteddfod or competition. Every couple of weeks your child will be up playing for the class developing huge levels of confidence and competence in performance skills. Parents have marvelled at the flow on effects which sets up children for other performance based activities.



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