Playing the drums is always great fun. In fact every rock or pop bands requires a good drummer! Just like the guitar, drums are very popular instrument with primary aged children, teenagers and adults. At Forte we make learning drums, FUN. You'll be playing along with music and other students in no time flat.

Playing the drums is amazing for a number of reasons:

  • It's easy to understand - you've been drumming since birth - Probably before!
  • It feels good to play the drums - it's an ergonomic instrument
  • It's easy to sound a beat - just hit it!
  • If someone can tap a beat, they can be taught to drum
  • Great for hand eye co-ordination
  • Good cross lateral co-ordination is improved.

Did you know children with dyslexia have been known to show remarkable improvements in learning outcomes by playing drums?

Good co-ordination skills as well as a good sense of beat are required for learning drums. At Forte we use and recommend electronic drum kit for children and teenagers to avoid damaging hearing. Children must be 8 years or over to learn with us.

Our teachers are versatile and play a wide range of styles. Many beginners have a real passion and desire to play a particular piece or style. Our teachers know how important it is to satisfy this interest and try to work this in as soon as possible, sometimes in the first few lessons. 

Come along to see just how good our teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play Music at Forte.

Children aged 3.5 - 7 yr olds should start learning in a Forte Piano Courses for children where all the basics of music are developed first.


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