Ages: 3.5 years to 11 years

Music is Fun is where the playing starts.

We guide young learners from the gross motor actions of a piece (high-lows, slow-fasts) to the keyboard. This is the time when music is made, and even composed, by your child.

Like all Forte courses Music is Fun was developed by a team of early childhood educators, musicians and movement specialists and offers child centred activies that are developmentally appropriate for this age group.

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What is it about Junior Keys?

JKC is our premier foundation piano course where children develop a rich base of important musical skills. This forms an amazing platform on which to study any instrument in the future, students learn:-

  • Reading – notes and rhythm
  • Aural skills – by ear recognition of notes and phrases.
  • Chord playing, which assist in developing skills such as transposition, composition, improvisation and playing by memory.
  • Pattern recognition – music is built using patterns. Your child is taught to recognise musical patterns and this aids in memorisation.
  • Transposing – is playing known pieces in other keys or positions on the piano. From the early stages your child will transpose.
  • Theory – recognition and writing of music    

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Who should be in Piano Keys?

We recommend beginners of 8 years and older start in Piano Keys Course.

A full range of musical skills will be developed and there is quite an emphasis on playing piano.

We recommend your child learns in a small group where they can participate in a range of activities required to develop this broader range of musical skills than traditional private lessons.


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