Band Workshops (Pre-teens, Teens and Adult workshops

The workshop focuses on playing as a band and exposes the difference with playing solo. It shows you how to form and build a team environment critical to the success of a band. It shows what is required to set-up for a gig, and how to use basic equipment to record your band. You get to choose your own playlist, and most importantly have fun playing music with others. The focus will be on vocals, guitar, piano/keyboard and drums. 

Any good band/ ensemble is always a positive experience for the entire group, especially when everyone has really given their best effort.

For teenagers, being in a band/ ensemble during this crucial period of development can be an important anchor. An ensemble that is a good fit for a child becomes a safe shared place for them emotionally, and being in music, especially with friends and peers, helps get them ‘to the other side’ as positive, healthy young adults.

For adults, bands/ ensembles are a great way to express their individuality and experiment within their own style of music, or explore other styles, which they would otherwise not consider.

($75 per day, 4 hours per day)

Early-bird Prices:
Pay by December 31, 2015:
($55 per day, 26% discount, 4 hours per day)


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