information on keyboards & pianos for parents


Option 1 ($200 - $600)

Portable Keyboard

.A keyboard can be a perfect low cost start for the beginner. This type of keyboard will generally be useful for the first year of your course. After that you'll need to think about moving to a higher quality digital or upright piano. 

It's best to have your instrument set up all the time, so you'll need to think about what you'll put it on and a stool or keyboard bench to sit on. Generally you can buy a stand and stool for these keyboards.


Option 2 ($500 - $1,500)

Portable Piano

The portable piano is a more long term initial option for your home. These instruments will last a long time and be useful in learning for the first 4 - 5 years. If the piano has 88 notes and also has weighted keys it can be great for life.

Some portable pianos are sold with out stands or stools. It is best to purchase the stand and stools that are particularly to the brand you purchase. We suggest any of these brands: Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Kawai.


Option 3 ($1,800 - $6,000)

Digital or Upright Piano

A new digital or an in tune quality upright piano are the best instruments to start learning on. Beware upright pianos that are old or not able to be tuned. Always purchase your instrument from a reputable music shop. 

A stool that has an adjustable height is best as children grow. A small foot stool is essential so children can support their weight when practising and playing.