We have Band/Ensemble Studies for Teens and Adults, delivered by professional musicians, who are also great teachers.

Ever wanted to be in a Band but just haven't been able to get one started?

Maybe you've been in a band before and want to get back on stage.  Now's your chance. We offer a Band Program second to none. If you're new to Bands, we'll show you the basics and how to create your individual sound. This is a great opportunity to be coached by professional musicians who currently perform gigs. Sessions times:


Saturday 2:00pm
Saturday 3:30pm


Tuesday 7:00pm
Wednesday 7:30pm

It’s great for musicians to be with other musicians who understand the language of music and share a particular musical interest—and who understand the work it has taken to even get to that point. There is a common experience of what a rehearsal is, and what a good or bad performance feels like.

For teenagers, being in an ensemble during this crucial period of development can be an important anchor. An ensemble that is a good fit for a child becomes a safe shared place for them emotionally, and being in music, especially with friends and peers, helps get them ‘to the other side’ as positive, healthy young adults.

For adults, ensembles are a great way to express their individuality and experiment within their own style of music, or explore other styles, which they would otherwise not consider. In any case, at Forte School of Music, ensembles are a great way to grow as a musician, whilst at all times having FUN!

45% off Band Program fees for existing Forte Joondalup students - so book in now!


Just $39.95 for a 60 min weekly lessons or $22 if you're already learning at Forte Joondalup. Payable by term.

Small classes of 3 to 6 students and you need to have your own instrument at home.

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