All around the world, families are choosing Homeschooling. There are 20,000 families formally registered for Home Education across Australia. If you allow for those who choose not to register, there’s upward of 50,000 families. It’s the fastest growing sector of Education.

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We understand why families exercise their freedom of choice and choose Homeschooling over the Public or Private school system. In support, we provide award winning and highly effective music programs for the Home Education community. The programs are run at our Music School in the Northern Suburbs of Perth at Level 1, 133 Grand Boulevard in Joondalup – just a short walk from Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City.


Whether you planned to educate your child at home from the time they were born, or whether you chose homeschooling later in their lives due to issues like bullying, poor academic performance at a school, or your child requires one-on-one instructions that schools cannot provide, we have a Music Program that will deliver the results you are looking for. Our programs have been developed by Early Childhood Specialists, Musicians, and Movement Specialists.

We have programs specifically designed for your child’s developmental stage, beginning from 6 months of age. From 3.5 years we introduce your child to the piano, and from 7 years old we offer Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Vocal lessons, Drum lessons, and Violin lessons. And most of all, our music programs are fun!

My daughter has only been for a trial but is willing to return and try again , she loves the program and loves everything , i love how friendly and understanding they are and welcoming they truly make you feel !:)
— Nichole via our Facebook page
Excellent music school, Margaret and Nunzio promote a friendly and welcoming environment with professional and talented music teachers who inspire confidence and success.
— Leanne via our facebook page
The atmosphere is friendly, and the experience quite personal. Nunzio genuinely loves seeing the joy the students gain from learning and demonstrating their talent. We’ve met some lovely people and super teachers. Love the place!
— Melissa via Google Local

What do we do for Homeschooling families?

We can support you in three very important areas:

  1. Music Education needs for Early Childhood Education, and Middle-school and Upper Secondary-school aged students. 
  2. Building Communities that are critical for supporting your choice to Home School.
  3. Providing supporting documents such as twice-yearly reports that are aligned with government official’s requirements.

Read our report on how to harness the hidden power of music to create a smarter, happier healthier, more competent and capable child. The report covers:

  • How your child’s brain develops
  • How music affects brain development
  • Worldwide Research findings on the link between Music and Spatial IQ which is crucial for higher brain functions such as mathematics and language.
  • The 9 Key Elements of Childhood Development
  • 10 Reasons why you should choose Forte’s music programs for your child.


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Level 1
133 Grand Boulevard, Joondalup
Perth, Western Australia 6027


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