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Welcome! My name is Angel McIntosh and I am the proud owner of Forte School of Music Stafford. My teachers, admin staff and I have created an atmosphere of energy and happiness simply by being able to do what we all love to do - teach music!

Most of the teachers that work for me and myself as well, are current performers of we have performed in the recent past, so we have all of that performing experience that we can pass on to the children as to how to behave at a concert, how to prepare for a concert, so the more relaxed you can be doing that, the more advantage you have got in every area but most people can’t stand public speaking or being in front of a crowd. But these little ones start at 3 or 4 and by the time they are 5 or 6 they are starting to get self-conscious, they don’t even think about it been any big deal getting up in front of an audience of 2 or 300 people, so it benefits them in lots of different areas.

Everybody loves being here, the teachers love being here. We spend a lot of time focused on developing a culture of fun and inclusion and welcome, and we have had so many parents say to us, "Wow if learning music was like this when I was young I never would have stopped".

At Forte Windsor you will always be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly professional manner firstly by our Administration Manager, Cassie Dormer, and then by each and every teacher you connect with.

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Angel McIntosh, Director

I took over the Forte School in Windsor in October 2008. Since then I’ve been so delighted to be able to share the joy of music with our local area. In 2016 we moved to Stafford to become Forte Stafford.

My children have all learned music and I really understand the value of music to a child’s education.
— Angel McIntosh - Director Forte Stafford

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