Jungle Music (6 months - 3 years)

Discover the fun of learning music with your child and there are amazing benefits for a young child's development by learning music from a young age. Find out more here.

4 yrs

Music is Fun (4 years) Beginner Piano/Keyboard

There's lots of fun to had in our beginner keyboard program. Your child developing will developing musical skills as well as great skills in preparation for going to school like listening, participating in a class, following instructions and putting instruments away. You'll be amazed at their development! Find out more mere here.

5-11 yrs

Keyboard & Piano Music lessons for 5 - 7 years

The Forte Junior Keys course is our foundation keyboard and piano course perfect for the 5 - 7 year old beginner. This is the perfect age to start learning piano or keyboard and this program builds a sturdy platform for learning any other instrument in the future. Find out how this program creates fine young musicians here.

Private Lessons

Piano & Keyboard Lessons for 8 +

Learning the piano or keyboard is a great skill for children of any age. Children learn longer when they have and Forte's Piano Keys course is all about having fun while learning. Along with free online tutorials for home use, children of all ages thrive on this course. Find out more information here.

other Instruments

Other Instruments

There's a wide variety of instruments to learn at Forte including: piano, guitar, singing, drums, flute, saxophone, clarinet, violin, ukulele and more. Find out more about instruments and what happens in lessons here.
(Not every location offers tuition in all instruments)


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