Music Lessons 5-7 Years old - Forte School of Music
Age Group:
4.5 years - 7 years
Course Duration:
Approximately 2 years
Course Material:
1 set per level (4 levels)
Instrument Required:
Yes – Piano or keyboard (minimum 49 note keyboard)

We Recommend...

We recommend small group learning environment where children are immersed in a whole range of activities designed to develop a broader range of musical skills than would otherwise be offered in traditional private lessons.

This broad base of sound musical skills are a great foundation to move on to any instrument in the future. Junior Keys Course is a great place to start your child on music!

See our FAQ section for more info on how important it is to start your child now while they are young enough to develop essential musical skills. Don't worry, it's fun! See Our Philosophy.

Junior Keys Course

Junior Keys is our premier foundation piano course. If your child hasn't already started in one of our younger programmes there's no time to waste! In Junior Keys children develop a rich base of important musical skills, a strong platform on which to study any instrument in the future.

Your child will develop a set of musical skills essential for any budding musician including:- 

  • Reading - notes and rhythm

  • Aural skills - by ear recognition of notes and phrases. This essential musical skill is often overlooked especially in private lessons where it is difficult to teach on a one to one basis. Music is a aural art and a well trained ear is essential to becoming a competent musician.

  • Keyboard Harmony - your child will learn to play chords that form the underlying basis or harmony of music. Chord playing assist in developing skills such as transposition, composition, improvisation and playing by memory.

  • Pattern recognition - music is built using patterns. Your child is taught to recognise musical patterns and this aids in memorisation.

  • Transposing - is playing known pieces in other keys or positions on the piano. From the early stages your child will transpose.

  • Playing the music rather than only what is exactly written on the page. We encourage our students to play the music not the just the notes. eg if the piece is jazzy then we play it with the rhythms of the jazzy style. In the beginning this concept is as simple as what we play with the right hand we play with the left hand even though it is not written out!

  • Theory - recognition and writing of musical notes and symbols

Your child will be able to do Foundation of Music Education exams throughout the course. These exams are a fantastic way to consolidate learning and offer a positive exam experience.

Don't delay any longer. Come along to see just how much fun your child can have learning music.