If you're planning on starting guitar lessons in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, here are some useful hints on choosing your first guitar. You can learn acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

For anyone interested in playing your favorite rock or pop songs, a steel string acoustic guitar allows you to play a wide variety of pieces. They're also a great instrument for a sing along. You could play and sing in the comfort of your own home or with your friends.

Nylon string classical guitars are possibly the most versatile instrument, particularly for those just starting out. With a classical guitar you are able to Flamenco, pop and rock, Latin pieces as well as some of the greatest classical music ever written.

An electric guitar is also a lot of fun a Dan is great if you're planning on playing in a band. Electric guitar is primarily a pop, jazz or rock musical instrument. You're also going to need an amplifier with an electric guitar. A small amplifier is reasonably cheap, alternatively you can use your smart device like an iPhone, iPad or tablet to plug your electric guitar into and listen to yourself playing.

For young aspiring guitarists make sure you get the right size for your child to ensure the instrument is comfortable and the whole fret board is easily accessible. Generally a half sized guitar (with nylon strings) is suitable for 6 to 8 year olds, a three-quarter size for 8 to 11 year olds and a full sized guitar for older students. Remember to get a guitar tuner or APP for your guitar so that it is in tune when you play it.

Your guitar teacher at Forte School of Music Dee Why will be able to offer you support and assistance, feel free to try a lesson now.


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