Do you want to inspire, interest and motivate your students?

Forte is always on the lookout for motivated people with natural flair and a genuine passion for music teaching. We have great employment opportunities for these people who are open to new learning and developing their teaching skills.

Good teachers are able to find the key to spark each of their students' interest and are always on the lookout for new ideas and more exciting ways to teach. At Forte, we understand this and have developed innovative teaching techniques, super learning strategies and a dynamic curriculum that is fun for you and your students.


At Forte we provide:

  • administrative support including timetabling, student newsletters and organising student concerts, practice incentive programs all designed to help you hold onto students and protect your income.

  • students - we promote actively to build student numbers. You just need to focus on your teaching and retaining your students.

  • comprehensive teacher training programs to help you develop your skills and become a better teacher

  • all account procedures - we invoice fees, collect fees and pay you.

  • ongoing teacher support and professional development

  • air conditioned, well appointed studios

  • extensive range of studio equipment, teaching props and resources

  • public liability insurance

And there are some other benefits in store for you...

You'll be amazed at how your own musical skills will blossom and grow if you become a Forte class teacher,

You'll improve your employment outlook for the future. Your ability to relate to team members, clients and students will provide you will invaluable workplace experience in developing interpersonal skills which are highly sort after by future employers.

Hey it's fun to work at Forte. You'll LOVE it! Come join our team

We welcome all.. 

We love to have a diverse team at Forte. If you are already teaching at home and want to get out and spread your wings a couple of days a week we'd love to have you on our teaching team either taking on our advanced privates or developing new skills as a Forte class teacher

If you are studying music and want to work in your future field we'd love to have you.

If you have learned and achieved a high level of musical skill on your instrument and want a job whilst at uni studying (even if it is in another field), we'd love you on our team.


Forte teachers are chosen for their ability to relate to parents and students. The following are the minimum musical requirements to teach at Forte.  We're looking for teachers in:

  • Early Childhood Music,

  • Forte Classes (group keyboard lessons) and

  • Private Studio (Piano & Instrumental).

Early Childhood 


Our Jungle Music and Music is Fun programmes are specifically designed for children aged 0-4 years. Classes are taught in the mornings. Suitable applicants must demonstrate the ability to:

  • sing on Pitch

  • relate well to young children and their parents

  • follow a structured lesson plan

  • nurture a love and appreciation of music in children



a forte-violin-lesson.png

Private tuition at Forte is for students from 8 years. Popular instruments are piano, singing, guitar, flute, violin, clarinet and saxophone. Suitable teacher applicants must demonstrate an ability to:

  • play the instrument/s to Grade 7 AMEB (or higher) standard

  • have great communication skills and relate equally well to children and parents

  • be a good learner, enthusiastically take on initial training as well as committing to ongoing professional development.

  • ability to follow and implement Forte Individualised Learning Program for each student. Program requires teachers to develop a customised learning programme to suit each student. Training provided.

  • make learning fun for your students. This means you will most probably be learning to teach in a different way than you were taught yourself.

  • enthuse and motivate your students to engage in Forte Practice Incentive programs

  • enthuse and encourage your students to perform in our Annual Forte Festival and other concert opportunities to improve their confidence and performance skills.

  • Some instrument are not offered at all locations.

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Forte Class Teacher

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Our beginner keyboard courses (Junior Keys & Piano Keys) are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11 years and are taught in the afternoons from 3.30pm/3.45pm till around 6pm. Suitable applicants must demonstrate an ability to:

  • play piano to a minimum Grade 6 standard

  • sing on pitch

  • play piano and sing simultaneously

  • present to a group

  • relate well to children and parents.

How to apply 

If you have the musical skills, are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing and fostering a love of music with others, we would love to hear from you.

Simply apply online for teaching music to early childhood, piano to beginners and private piano / instrumental music.