Not only does music extends learning, brain development and cognition it also benefits emotional and physical health. As children are growing up they go through heightened emotions and engaging them in music lessons can help them become calm. It is after much later in life that we tend to learn to control our emotions but if you care for your child's health, consider the following scientifically backed benefits of music to enhance health:

It Eases Pain

Pain is unavoidable but much of it that we experience is self-inflicted. We love to stay indulged in our miseries whereas if we were to divert our mind away from it, we would soon be able to overcome it. However, pain after a surgery can be excruciating and children are all the more sensitive. Music can help ease the intensity of pain especially in geriatric care or palliative medicine.

Helps Improve Physical Performance

Exercise is essential to staying fit and children in their teens are only discovering the different exercise routines to build muscle and develop a healthy exercise routine. Listening to music can help them amplify their training performance by helping to boost motivation and enhancing endurance. Research2 suggests that the right tempo in the gym can help build stamina and energy efficiency.

Helps Sleep Better

A good night's quality sleep has been linked with better performance and alertness in students. Research1 indicates that listening to classical musical can help treat insomnia. The participants of the research were college going students, indicating that instead of resorting to medicines to help your child sleep you must first try music therapy.

It Helps Enhance Mood

Our mood is significantly affected by the kind of music that we listen to. Recall the time when you felt sad and listened to a jolly tune, didn’t it lift your mood up instantly? Music helps people feel better and get in touch with their feelings according to a 2013 research study3.


Massage helps relieve anxiety by pressing the body's essential pressure points, which release chemicals to the brain that help us relax. It has been found that music has similar effects on anxiety as well. In the teenage years, children may feel anxious due to the increasing responsibilities and work load in school and one way you can help your child relax is by getting them to listen to music or enrolling them in a music school.

The path to an all round healthy lifestyle depends on what you are exposing yourself to. As parents you must ensure that your child is getting all the right resources to develop their skills to lead a healthy lifestyle both in terms of emotional and physical health.

We at Forte School of Music conduct classes for babies as young as 6 months old to teenagers to help develop their cognition, enhance learning and direct their energies towards something positive which helps them become better able to cope with life in later stages. For more information about our programs, email us at or visit

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