It's no less than a fact that we tend to remember musical lyrics long after we have stopped listening to the song. Often we find ourselves humming the lyrics of a long forgotten song or even our favorite childhood poem because music tends to trigger parts of our brain and emotions that resonate with us. So can music help enhance your child's emotional responses and character development?  

Music and the Affects of Lyrics

Music is a great way to transfer learning and it helps retain information. Children are affected by what they listen to in the musical lyrics and this can be used to teach them positive social etiquettes or help them refrain from negative behaviors. Consider the fact how your brain is affected after listening to powerful vocals or lyrics? Don’t you feel energized and pumped up? The national anthem is a good example to quote here that whenever it is played, it instills a sense of belongingness and responsibility of people towards their country. An expert on children's music, Don Mannis* says that music affects emotions and creativity positively. When people sing together it helps them feel more connected and synchronized.

Music and Emotions

Most of us experience emotional triggers by listening to a certain song or melody. It sparks long forgotten emotions in us and the same concept of emotional triggers can be applied in children to help develop stronger emotional responses. It also studies the effects of listening to sad music with and without lyrics. Music writing, learning, speaking, and acting are all the ways, which can be used to help children learn positive things. Powerful lyrics reflecting honesty, respect and responsibility can help induce these concepts in kid's learning and because these have been identified through tunes, chances are children will remember them long after they have grown up.

Music is a fun and engaging activity, which every child likes to engage in. It is a healthy way to impart social learning in children by utilizing all sources of positive learning. It can be used to develop a child's character and help them develop emotionally. We know that musical writing is often regarded as a reflection of inner feelings and thoughts. Often these aren’t as apparent in behavior but encouraging children to make up lyrics for a song or poem can help understand their inner feelings and consequently allow teachers and parents to help the child overcome them effectively.

End Note

Music is an effective medium to help develop a child's character and impart social learning. Enrolling them in music classes at an early age can help them become more aware of their surroundings and develop essential life skills. Forte School of Music have a number of music learning courses throughout the year to help your child in emotional and skill development. For more information, feel free to try a lesson, just fill in the form below or call or email us.

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