Do I have to be in the lesson with my child?

For children in our Jungle Music, Music is Fun, Junior Keys and Piano Keys Classes we require the Parent to be in the class and become involved in the activities. We find effective learning occurs when you show a real interest in your child’s lessons. Participating in class will also mean you can help your child when they practice. 

Participating in class with your child builds the foundation for supporting your child’s learning in general. Our classes facilitate responsive learning including the provision of rich verbal input and maintaining and expanding on the child’s interests, provide the range of support necessary for multiple aspects of a child’s learning. Studies show Children’s development of the cognitive and social skills needed for later success in school may be best supported by a responsive parenting style. 

Because children in Private Lessons are often 8 years or older, they already have experience learning without you being in the class. So even though Parents are welcome to accompany their child to the lessons, they can enjoy a well-earned break and read a magazine and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting. Do make sure you are around at the end of the lessons as your child's teacher will like to have a quick chat to fill you in on the week's progress and what the focus will be on for the following week.