Do you offer Trial Lessons?

We understand just how important it is for a student to connect with and like their teacher, no matter the age. To address this right at the beginning, we offer Free Trials for all our Classes, and Discounted Trials for all our Private Lessons (the Discounted Trial Fee is refunded in full if you then decide to enrol for a 10 week block of lesson).

The Trials allow you to see the school, meet the teacher, experience a lesson, to help you determine if we are the right school for you.

If for some reason, you or your child don't quite 'gel' with your teacher please let us know. We're sure to have someone just right for you! That's the beauty of coming to a Forte School of Music.

How do I organise a Trial?

Just complete a Trial Request form online at www.forte, to organise a suitable lesson time. Each 

Before you call think about what kind of music you may like to learn. Parents please tell us about your child and what kind of teachers your child has responded best to. Any information you can give us just helps us match you to a teacher you'll really love. 

How many Trial Lessons can I have?

You can only receive on Trial Lessons, whether it be a Free Trial Lesson or a Discounted Trial Lesson. There are occasions where you may need an extra trial before you make a decision, and this can be discussed.

Do I need an instrument of my own?

For your Trial Lesson, there's no need to have an instrument. Once you start you're going have to practice, so you're going to need to have your own instrument (except for Singing).