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Jungle Music Course Material

Jungle Tots

Age Group:
18 months - 2.5 years
Lesson Duration:
45 minutes
Course Material:
CD and book set

Jungle Tots is fun for both parent and child. You child will delight in the rich diversity of activities and sensory experiences in every lesson. This course along with all the other Jungle Music courses form an ideal introduction to the concepts of music and of learning, generally.

Jungle Music course materials are an essential part of the Jungle Music course. They consist of CD (with full lyrics booklet) and beautifully illustrated full colour book. These materials, unique to Forte schools enhance and strengthen your child's learning. Playing the CD frequently between lessons is not only is enjoyable but also assists your child in being more familiar with the music and in turn gaining more from lessons.

In Jungle Tots your child will have the opportunity to experience and explore musical concepts in a nurturing friendly environment including:

  • fast & slow

  • high and low

  • soft and loud

  • up and down

Jungle Music class equipment has been specially chosen for the age group and offer a rich range of sensory development.

Jungle Music equipment includes:-

  • huge silky parachute

  • colourful floaty scarves

  • class sets of a wide range of percussion instruments

  • little puppets

  • felt notes

  • soft animal toys themed for each unit

Classes include directed creative movement, singing, dances and other circle activities aimed at developing musical understanding through doing.

This may be the first learning experience where your child is encouraged to focus and engage in directed tasks. Support your child by being calm and patient in the first few weeks as he/she learns how to learn and gains confidence in these new surroundings and how the lesson flows.

Some children can be reluctant in the first few weeks to join in during class and quite often these children astonish their parents by going home and singing the songs and do the actions while in class they prefer to hide behind Mum or Dad. Don't worry, they will come out to play when they are ready.