When considering music lessons in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, there are a number of things to think about. Which instrument should I select? Is there a right age to start? How do you find the right teacher?

Learning Music is fun for people of all ages. Starting from six months of age through to senior citizens. The most popular instruments today are guitar (acoustic, electric & bass), piano or keyboard, singing or voice, drums and violin. 

Music lessons on any instrument has been proved to have beneficial effects on brain development, memory retention both short and long term, increases creativity and problem solving skills, concentration and self discipline.  Play in an ensemble is a great way to increase listening skills and develops co-operation skills. It is also a great way to make new friends who share similar interests to you.

Choosing the right music teacher...

Having the right music teacher who is qualified and trained, as well as holding a working with children card, will ensure the success of your learning by importing the correct information and inspiring you to practice. A professional teacher will make sure you are learning the style of music you are wanting to play.

The right time to start learning music is now. You will enjoy the experience and the challenge which in turn will grow you or your child's self confidence and self esteem. To book your trial lesson to try our some music lessons contact Forte School of Music in Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


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