Finding a piano teacher in Sydney is easy. Forte Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches has specially trained piano teachers with experience in many styles of music, whether you want to learn classical, jazz piano, rock and pop keyboard or just beginner piano or keyboard lessons.

Forte offers lessons for beginners through to adults. Our piano teachers start children from just 3 years of age. Our teachers use Forte courses which are educationally and pedagogically sound. Traditionally music and especially piano lessons were taught by teachers who felt that students should read first. That meant that children had to start lessons in piano when they were 8 or 9 years of age.

Using Forte's award winning courses, children are now able to start learning from just 3 years of age. Starting at this age, Forte teachers use a natural learning process to teach piano. In the same way that children learn a language, listen, speak, read and write; we teach music, listen sing, play, read and write. Using this natural learning process to teach music means children learning in this way will usually learn more effectively and quite possibly be able to play by ear and by reading in the future.

Since 1994, Forte piano teachers have been carefully selected and then undergo specialist training so that each student receives the benefits of learning piano/keyboard. All Forte teachers have undergone a Working with Children check in New South Wales (NSW).

Adults will also benefit from learning piano at Forte. Adults can learn during the day or after work. If you've learnt as a child, you might like to come back and explore learning piano again. Playing the piano or keyboard is great fun as a musical activity but did you know that it might also stave off Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain disorders.

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