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Video Transcript of the above video:

"My name is Irene Storer, I have been operating Forte School Music for last the last 14 years and teaching in it as well for the last 14 years.

Our selling point is “parents involved” - very important for the child’s progress. We only see them once a week, parents see them every day, so if your parents are involved that child will progress a lot better, they have a good foundation to build their emotion, to build their confidence, their physical development, their emotional development, their intellectual development - I think that all come from the first 5 years of a young child’s life so, the earlier you can actually start them the better.

A lot of young children nowadays have a speech problem but when they come to do music they sing well and then from there it flows into the speech and I have speech therapists as parents they come to us and is the best thing for them, they introduce all their clients to come here just to do a music program, to help their confidence, and singing part to help with their speech. A term later, they will come out of their shells. Parents come to me and say they sing for them, they are so shy after the term...even after a few lessons, you can see them come out of their shells and not just in music classes and then they actually go out, you know, with friends playing or at Kindy - it just blossoms from there so, parents do see a big benefit and children that have a lot of anxieties, I think this music program is best for them so that they can actually learn to cope with anxiety, perhaps listen to music they like or just sing a song, help them to cope with things.

I think every child needs to have a start in music as young as possible, so that’s my aim is to reach out to all the parents who have children when they think of music, they would like to come to Forte." - Irene Storer, Director of Forte School of Music in Black Forest, Adelaide.