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Video Transcript of the above video:

" Hi, I'm David Statham, I am the Director of Forte School of Music in Canning Vale.

Canning vale is the Southern Suburb of Western Australia located about 20, 25 minutes from the CBD.

I think that our teachers are absolutely brilliant; they are trained, they are qualified, they are passionate, they are understanding, they are your best chance of learning in a professional way.

Our programs are been developed using some of the world’s best educators such as; Yamaha, Suzuki, Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly. It’s a mix of all of those brilliant educators and Forte is been specifically designed for the western culture. 

Learning music can also benefit you as far as your self-confidence and your self-esteem goes, you know, all of our programs have been designed in a way that they are achievable, so when our students are able even from as young as 6 months of age, when they are able to do the activities that they are assigned, we celebrate with them and so that gives them a really good sense of "I can do this" and which means they've got a sense of "I can do this", then they are able to take that into their, you know, whatever situation and they're moving into…and I think music is definitely going to be the…one of the best things you can do, you know, at 90 years of age, you are not going to be playing soccer anymore, you are not going to be dancing hip-hop but you will still be able to play music, it is the best thing in the whole wide world.

If you are really thinking about music and you want to have the best opportunity to succeed, then you can call us on 1300-Forte-0 and if you are not good at that technology thing that’s 1300 367 830, and if its midnight or it is 2am in the morning, then send us an email to" - David Statham, Director of Forte School of Music in Canning Vale, Perth.