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Video Transcript of the above video:

"My name is David Doherty, I have been involved in music all of my life. I own 2 busy music schools here in Brisbane and I’ll love to introduce you or your family to the world of music.

Toowong is located on the busy street of Milton road in the middle and heart of Toowong, we have got great parking here, very easy access for all of our parents. We have got a lovely waiting room and toyroom for kids and their parents, and it’s just a relaxing place to be while we share our passion for music.

Here in Forte Toowong we teach a wide variety of students aged from about 6 months is our youngest, right to around 70 years old is our oldest student. We have an amazing group of dynamic teachers teaching incredible courses every day of the week except for Sunday, we have competitions and concerts and incentive prizes just to make music really really exciting.

We pride ourselves on been really inclusive school and a place where people come in and just feel the wonderful energy that we have at our school and that we share for music, and the passion that we have for teaching music as well.

We would love to help you make music part of your everyday life, so for free trail lesson, jump on or call 3871 0066 and come and join the fun." - David Doherty, Director of Forte School of Music in Toowong, Brisbane.