Rewarding... Nurturing

Children of Forte Business Partners have broken the mould and when all too often children of musician don't go on to play our kids have blossomed! It's such a joy to be part of the journey of your child blossom into a wonderful little musician with a broad-based music skill set that you didn't have at their age. It's life enriching.

Lionel Reekie is an International/New Zealand entertainer. Here Lionel performs with the World accordion orchestra at Coupe Mondiale 2013 Canada.

Lionel also performed in concert at the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society (Russia) January 2013. The concert included songs from Lionel's 2011 album recorded with a symphony orchestra: Conductor: Rustam Dilmukhameto "From Russia With Love" (available on iTunes).

Lionel and Elena's daughter 12 year old Alexandra Reekie from New Zealand started her music learning at 3 in Forte's Music Is Fun and Junior Keys Courses. She is now one of the world's best junior accordion soloists - placing 10th in the 18 years and under virtuoso category in the World Accordion Championships, Canada in August 2010.

Elena Reekie is not only a talented musician but also studied ballet in Russia as a child. Elena shows her passion for dance also continues. See here.