Teens often like to get into guitar, singing, drums. At Forte lots of schools run Rock School programs where kids can come together and play in a band. Bands when they get good enough gig. There's regular performance opportunities for our Rock bands to feel the fame!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are one - to - one lessons. They are suitable for students over 7 years* and adults who generally prefer a more private learning environment.

Parents are welcome to accompany their child to the lessons or alternatively enjoy a well earned break and read a magazine while waiting.

Make sure you are around at the end of the lessons as your child's teacher will like to have a quick chat to fill you in on the week's progress and what your child is to focus on during the following week.

It is important to 'click' with a teacher. If for some reason you don't quite 'gel' please let us know. We're sure to have someone just right for you!

Come along a see just how good are teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play at Forte.

Age Group:
7 years + Adults
Lesson Duration:
30 minutes
Schools offer a range of instruments. Go to your local school site for more info.