Benefits to the Adult Student

Benefits to the Adult Student

Many of the positive attributes in terms of learning capability enhancement and personal growth mentioned above are also applicable to grown-ups, though in varying degrees.

More generally, more mature students benefit in the following ways:-

Music enriches the inner-self and is therapeutic in nature. In learning an instrument, our energies are channeled into a constructive outlet. Through playing music, we can give an expressive shape to our experience. It puts us in touch with our feelings, and also helps us relate to the wider world, getting away from our daily routine.

Music performance teaches people how to cope with anxiety when expressing oneself in any forum. Literally, it familiarises one with the dynamics of performing under direct scrutiny; instilling self-confidence and poise. 

Ensemble performance teaches teamwork and cooperation. It reinforces certain social values in our lives.

Most important, taking up music lessons is a direct approach to developing a lifelong appreciation and love of music, and a good foundation in practical and theoretical aspects would enable a music lover to further explore its beauty and complexities.


Learning a musical instrument is not only fun but it is also though to stem the onset of neurological disease and as we age. Playing a musical instrument requires a wide array of cognitive regions and brain functions to simultaneously work together in both right and left hemispheres of the brain. Complex tasks are good for us as we age.