Make practice at home fun. Play along with the Forte Online Practice Buddy!

Here practice is made easy! It is like having your teacher right beside you while you go through the songs.

Click on PLAYLIST at the top of each video, to get the list of songs. Then scroll down and click on the song you are learning to play along with the clip! Please note: Practice speed is first, followed by the concert speed.

Answers to many parents questions click here.

Junior Keys Level 1 (Blue Book)

Junior Keys Level 2 (Red Book)

Junior Keys Level 3 (Green Book)


Piano Keys Level 1a (Blue Book)

Creative Keys Level 1

Creative Keys Level 2

Junior Keys Level 4 (Purple Book)

Piano Keys Level 1B (Green Book)

Piano Keys Level 2 (Red Book)

Practice Buddy for Grade 2 Trinity College

Practice Buddy for Grade 3 Trinity College

Practice Buddy for Grade 1 PFL - AMEB

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