Our Testimonial - Natasha

We are very happy, our children are happy and you two should continue the great work and customer interaction. It is extremely satisfying to go to a place where you feel comfortable from the moment you step in and the service and product is excellent. I love it that I get to learn with my child in the classes, and they love my being there with them.
— Natasha

Heidi Lakin

Heidi Lakin is a creative individual with a fervour for inspiring worthwhile emotion in design and life. As a graphic designer, she shifts perceptions and creates avenues for awareness around a brand, or person. As a writer and blogger she shifts thought-patterns and sparks ideas to bring about genuine positive change. As a mother she shifts the culture of her home to one of peace and joy, fighting against her own demons and instilling a bright future for her children. As a wife she shifts the paradigm of 'normalcy' to create authentic connection with her husband, separate to the 'norms' or 'society's expectations'.