Our Testimonial - Sally Curtin

I have taken (my) children aged from 6 months up to 6 years to Forte music classes both here (Forte Canning Vale) and in Brisbane. Classes are fun and children are engaged from start to finish. Children are introduced to music from an early age and learn concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch etc through fun, play based learning. This knowledge continues to grow as they progress and I have had 5 year olds playing keyboard with both hands, quite impressive! I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to introduce music to their children and to build a solid base of music for their future.
— Sally Curtin

Heidi Lakin

Heidi Lakin is a creative individual with a fervour for inspiring worthwhile emotion in design and life. As a graphic designer, she shifts perceptions and creates avenues for awareness around a brand, or person. As a writer and blogger she shifts thought-patterns and sparks ideas to bring about genuine positive change. As a mother she shifts the culture of her home to one of peace and joy, fighting against her own demons and instilling a bright future for her children. As a wife she shifts the paradigm of 'normalcy' to create authentic connection with her husband, separate to the 'norms' or 'society's expectations'.