Our Testimonial - Semih

I firmly believe music education is essential for children in their early formative years, as positive effects of music on cognitive, academic, social and artistic skills are now well documented. I have two children who are under tutelage of Mrs. Pik Kong of Forte Music school, for more than two years. Pik is one of the most committed and passionate teachers I ever seen, in any field. She established good rapport with my children who are now looking forward to their weekly lessons with her. My older child attends private piano lessons and my younger child is doing the Piano Key Course. I highly recommend Ms Pik Kong of Forte Music School,Mt Waverley if you’re seeking superior music education.
— Semih, Dad of Two

Heidi Lakin

Heidi Lakin is a creative individual with a fervour for inspiring worthwhile emotion in design and life. As a graphic designer, she shifts perceptions and creates avenues for awareness around a brand, or person. As a writer and blogger she shifts thought-patterns and sparks ideas to bring about genuine positive change. As a mother she shifts the culture of her home to one of peace and joy, fighting against her own demons and instilling a bright future for her children. As a wife she shifts the paradigm of 'normalcy' to create authentic connection with her husband, separate to the 'norms' or 'society's expectations'.