Our Testimonial - Rowena

Hello Suzanne/Jane,
Unfortunately Alice will not be returning for music lessons at Forte in September. She is leaving primary school and has been given a music scholarship at the Cathedral School. This includes music lessons at the school during the day. If it wasn’t for this she would be continuing at Forte until she was 50 (her words - apparently that’s really old!!). I spoke to Sarah last night and she said she would let you know - but wanted to let you know too.
It is impossible to put into words the impact that music lessons at Forte has had on Alice. Weekly lessons have been an important and happy event since she was 5. She absolutely loves music and it is simply part of her life now.
Needless to say that the scholarship would never have been possible without the fantastic lessons (piano and violin) she has had with some excellent teachers (Miss Claire, Miss Sarah, Miss Sophie G and Miss Kristina). The opportunity to play at the WMC and St Ffagans every year has made her a confident performer which has been so helpful for school performances and exams etc. She seems to take them in her stride which is a reflection of how well prepared she has been thanks to her teachers and the whole supportive Forte environment. A massive thank you to all at Forte.
Fortunately for me Seb is continuing with his piano classes as I can’t imagine not making the journey to Danescourt a few times a week! I might even need to sign up for lessons myself!
— Rowena

Heidi Lakin

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