In every Forte singing /vocal lesson you will get coaching; you will sing and your teacher will tell you what you are doing well and what you need to improve. You will be inspired.  Your teacher will show you something that will inspire you to improve your music skills and vocal technique, and it’s going to be fun. We will discuss an element of theory that is relevant to your singing and you will leave your lesson feeling like you want to practice.


Our skilled vocal teachers have been professionally trained and many of them sing in musical ensembles at various establishments and functions in and around Perth so they have great experience in learning and performing.   Your singing teacher will help you set some goals and then patiently work with you towards the achievement. 


At Forte School of Music Canning Vale, singing lessons are customized to a student’s learning goals. Whether you are a child who wants to learn singing for a solid musical foundation; a music student who wants to ace the AMEB, ABRSM and other certificate exams; a beginner adult or an adult who wants to revisit your enjoyment of the singing by learning a repertoire of songs or learning harmonies or other vocal techniques, our trained and specialized teachers are here to encourage and help you along in your musical endeavors.  


All students are encouraged to take advantage of the many performance opportunities organized during the year, be it in the form of our annual Forte Festival for our younger learners or the occasional informal gig and jam in a local restaurant or cafe in the company of family and friends for our more mature students. Performance opportunities are a great platform as a goal-setting exercise which in turn incentivizes good and consistent practice habits, build confidence and inculcate the joys of playing and enjoying music socially.


Enrollment is on a term basis with each term spanning across either 10 or 11 weekly lessons in 30-minute, 45-minutes or 60-minute sessions. Call 9256 3170 to book for a single trial lesson to begin your musical journey with us.