At Forte, we're proud to introduce Ukelele Lessons from Garth de Meillon.

From its humble origins in Hawaii, the Ukulele has quickly become a feature in modern songwriting and music culture. Its beautiful timbre & distinctive voice has earned it a place in most musicians’ hearts and repertoire.  It’s almost impossible to not find ukulele present in daily musical situations; ranging from movies & series soundtracks to adverts and obviously rock and pop radio favorites such as Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars to mention a few.  The uke’s high register makes it a great accompaniment instrument as well as giving it instant melodic application

Building upon the very successful and natural Forte Teaching Methodology of learning through listening, singing, playing, reading and writing, we are very excited to offer a brand new range of Ukulele syllabi.  We are offering 3 Courses for all levels of Ukulele.

“Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for “Family” – Our Debut Course:
With its short scale, 4 strings instead of 6 and greater string spacing it is an easily accessible and ideal entry level instrument for all beginners, regardless of age.  Course components include:
Beginner chords and the major scale from C to G; introductory technical aspects for right and left hands; basic rhythmic understanding & general musicianship concepts.
12 debut level songs consisting of nursery rhymes, traditional songs and modern children’s themes

“Kanikapila” is the Hawaiian word for “Musical Jam Session” – Our Intermediate Course:
 Aimed at the intermediate guitarists, this is a new skillset and way of thinking to help expand your musical voice and apply your growing skill set outside of your normal comfort zone. 
Course components include: Richer chords, more advanced scales and harmony; more advanced articulation and technical aspects; confident rhythmic interpretation; more mature phrasing and improvisational concepts. 12 intermediate level songs across many genres to challenge your established skills on your new instrument.

“Kahuna” is the Hawaiian word for “Wizard or Expert” – Our Masters Course :
Aimed at the accomplished guitarists, it a great experience to push your creative limits and musical interpretation.  Course components include: Jazz chords; exotic scales and jazz harmony; high level phrasing and articulation; reinterpretation of musical concepts from other instruments; approaching jazz standards; melodic applications and improvisation and soloing

“Mahalo nui loa - a hui hou kākou” (Thank you very much & until we meet again!)
Garth de Meillon


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