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Advanced Piano Lessons - did you know that Forte School of Music caters for older children and adults? Our programs match the needs of all musicians.

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Video Transcript for Why Forte School of Music?:

"What makes Forte different from elsewhere is the culture that we have and it’s a friendly loving environment where we are so family friendly and family orientated.

Our selling point is parents involved right from Jungle Music all the way to teenagers, adult, even the private lessons we actually prefer parents to be in the lessons so that they know what is happening and I think parental involvement is very important, especially when they are young because that gives them the extra support and the bonding with their children.

Our teachers are absolutely brilliant, they're trained, they're qualified, they're passionate, they're understanding, they're your best chance of learning in a professional way.

They learn a range of musical skills, not just learning to play say the piano because of all these various Forte lesson elements are like the ensemble playing and the all the Development program. When they are actually come out and perform in front of the bigger audience they will be so much more prepared and they would cope with a lot of the performance anxiety.

We use a combination of learning by ear as well as the sight reading so, both of those skills are really important to us and we don't forgo either one of them.

Here it’s a place where we have got Yum Yum the practice monster who will eat your practices that you do during the week, we have got puppets that come to life in our classes. We have got, you know, lots of beautiful instruments, we have got beautiful pictures that’s a magical place where you can learn music. 

The main thing is people love being here, everybody loves being here. We spend a lot of time focused on developing a culture of fun and inclusion and welcome."

How do I book a free trial music lesson?

Either fill out the form on this page or visit our locations page to find a school near you!