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Private Music Lessons - when is your child ready for private music lessons? Forte teachers explain the pre-requisite steps.  

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Video Transcript for Why Learn Music?:

"The fact that music is one of the only entire brain activities that’s done, is the most remarkable thing about it.

Learning music is crucial to the development of a child.

There are so many benefits to learning music but one of the most important things about learning music is that it’s fun and when children have fun when learning music they just are so much more successful at it.

Children who learn music become better students, because they do learn how to listen, how to work to direction, how to persevere or not give up, they build that self-confidence so, that’s critical at any age.

Initially in a school setting they were too shy to put up there hand or they were frightened to tell news.

After the term even a few lessons, you can see they come out of there shell and not just in music classes and then they actually they go out, you know, with friends playing or at Kindy - it just blossoms from there.

Children who are great with music are also great at language, great at maths.

If you are learning in a group, there is also the social skills development and also perseverance and discipline.

They sing well and then from there it flows into their speech.

That really, really establishes great foundations for language development.

In addition to all these life skills that you gain at a Forte lesson, you get to learn some music as well.

It’s more than just playing exam pieces, its more than just playing the pieces you learn in your class. It’s something for life."

How do I book a free trial music lesson? Either fill out the form on this page or visit our locations page to find a school near you!