Kia Leong - Director at Forte Wantirna, Melbourne on how Singing Lessons can transform the lives of children and adults, and the classes available at Forte.

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"So with singing, singing is one of the most fundamental gifts that as humans, we really have. And singing forms part of our lessons right from our earliest age groups. 

Right from our babies classes, through to our toddlers, through to our keyboard classes and finally into our actual singing classes. In our early childhood classes singing is throughout the lesson, so children are learning to hear the sounds first and then they'll start mimicking them and copying them, and the language. A child's language skills are so developed when you actually bring singing into early childhood development.

With our keyboard classes again singing forms a really big part of what we do in our ‘Junior Keys’ and ‘Piano Keys’ classes. And we do lots of oral training and that is being able to listen to a short phrase and sing it back. [Singing] That kind of thing.

And when children can sing it, they can play it and to be a good musician, to actually have those foundations of a good musician you have to have good oral skills and singing forms the basis of that. So for children who are wanting to really sing who’ve got that love of singing, you're hearing them sing all the time at home there are two options for them. So if they're in grade one and above, so grade one up to about grade six they can join one of our ‘Glee Clubs’. So the ‘Glee Clubs’ are fantastic singing classes where children come together in a really positive environment. We're singing age-appropriate songs. It's a bit like a show choir, so there's actions there's lots of fun. There's lots of games and learning the basics.

So in a normal lesson we might do some warm-ups. [Singing] They get a chance to shine doing solos. They get a chance to work in ensemble situation doing harmonies. And it's a really great way to start your singing education in a ‘Glee Club’. For those who are really looking to tailor their singing experience we offer private lessons so a private lesson would recommend from probably eight years and above.

And in a private lesson it really depends on the student’s voice. So we will take that student’s voice and the needs of that student and we'll pretty much create a lesson or create a lesson plan around that one student. The songs are picked together with the student and the teacher and a big part of what we do in our private lessons is start to prepare them for singing exams.

And with singing there's some options. You can do music theatre. You can do singing for leisure, which kind of has a really broad genre of styles. And you can also do classical singing and that really suits some of our older students who are heading more towards doing something for School Exams." : Kia Leong - Director at Forte Wantirna, Melbourne

How do I book a free trial singing lesson?

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