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Learn Music in a Fun Way - music teachers at Forte share their philosophy and techniques that make learning music a fun and immersive experience!

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Video Transcript for Early Childhood Music:

"We have Jungle Music which is for children from 6 months of age through to 3 and a half, and Jungle Music's even won an Australian award.

So I see Jungle Music as a foundation for music and I love parents involved.

And a lot of interaction going on, so it’s a great place where parents and child to bond. 

Parent might tap on the child’s back. However, they are holding instruments which they are able to at their age say like; egg shakers, or tambourine.

Various lesson elements like finger play, lap right, circle time. 

We use a lot of musical instruments; props, colours. There is a lot of counting, there is a lot of numbers. 

The teachers are well trained early childhood specialists. 

It’s a really great development course where children will learn the foundations of music in a really warm environment and gives lot of fun activities for grandparents or parents to do with them at home.

But yes from 6 months of age we begin the process of immersing them into sounds, different timbres, they learn language skills, they learn social skills so it's not just music skills they learn in those classes.

The results of what happens with children it’s just fantastic and beautiful to see.

It’s a fantastic development course, so they are learning about the basics of music high and low, learning about fast and slow, learning about some of those social niceties like learning how to share, and some of those important classroom aspects they will learn within that class in a warm and positive and nurturing environment."

How do I book a free trial music lesson? Either fill out the form on this page or visit our locations page to find a school near you!