You’re here because you’re thinking it just might be easier to buy something that is already going whether it’s a Forte School or an independent music school. The thought of starting from scratch can be daunting and it can have it’s benefits too. 

From time to time an opportunity comes up to purchase one of our existing schools These schools have usually been around for quite a while and the owners are looking at a succession plan to transition themselves out in a way that protects all stakeholders. 

Paul and I walk through the selection process with any incoming business partner  as we need to make sure you are a fit for our business. We do the training in Forte Systems and then you’re into your school with the assistance of the previous owner for a period. Continuity and relationships are key and almost every time we do this we customise the approach as there are jut so many factors and variables to consider. 

The benefits of purchasing an existing Forte school is the help and guidance from so many stakeholders who will be with you ongoing. There’s Paul and I, your fellow Forte school owners and possibly the outgoing owner who may be staying in the system in a different capacity. So your chances of success are amplified. This simply isn’t the case should you purchase an independent music school

Whilst there are definite benefits of buying a pre-existing Forte school for those thinking of buying an independent music school there can be pitfalls. BEWARE! You may just find yourself buying someone’s private teaching practice with a couple of teachers added in there as a bonus. When the outgoing owner moves on invariably there’s a huge drop off of students and the profit you thought was there (which justified the price you paid), isn’t there anymore!

Sadly, having been in the industry for so long, we’ve seen this happen time and again. On the bright side, when you join Forte, Paul and I have experience in transitioning and succession and we work with both purchaser and guiding you both through the process. 

So, what are we looking for in you:

  • Financial capability
  • Coaching experience and expertise
  • Teach-ability and desire to learn
  • Experience in business eg Sales & Marketing, management ability
  • Positive mindset

If this seems like you, click the link below and choose a time for a brief compatibility call with me.