While we will get know each other, we’ll ask lots of questions about why you want to go into business now, and whether this is the right time, in your life. We encourage you to ask as many questions as well.

As the saying goes, “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me”. We need to know that you will be able to do what it takes to be successful. This will be your business. So, like all great coaches or mentors, we’ll help you all the way, but in the end, the business is yours. This is a great quote by John C. Crosby: “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Our business partners have varied backgrounds…

Some have come from a corporate background. Previous experience in sales, marketing, coaching, change management, general business management roles has been an advantage. Our ex-corporates are attracted to the medium model school where they can exercise their skills and talents for people management and systems integration. They tend to grow their Forte Music Schools quickly and whilst most get involved in teaching in the early stages the emphasis is on building a business where they take an owner- manager role.

Some are music teachers with piano skills. The teacher owner usually feels more comfortable starting with the small model school. 1 classroom and 2 - 3 private studios or home studio. Owner/Teachers do the majority of the  teaching holding down the classroom. They may engage additional teachers for various instruments. The day is shared between teaching and business development activities. 

A mum, a singer or musical drama person who has a genuine love for working with children believes in the benefits of music for young children and has the confidence to lead a group of children. If you are a person with get up and go who loves being busy then a Jungle Music or home studio format may be right for you.

David Statham
Hall of Fame - 3 Year Winner of School of the Year

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about starting your own Forte School of Music please make a time for a compatibility call..

Case Study

Nunzio and Margaret opened their Perth School in September 2014. One year later they had built a profitable business with 300 students.

“As a career executive who wanted to run his own business rather than be shackled by multi-national, being a Forte School of Music Partner is just the right business to own. You have support and guidance from Gillian and Paul rather than a suffocating set of rules of ‘must do' and 'must not do', which is a characteristic of most franchises I looked into. The training they provide is fantastic and personalised, they work you hard, but it’s effective and it’s for you. The sound foundation on which the Forte Courses are built on makes it not only a quality product that can be consistently implemented across the different schools, but it works. It produces people with an all round musical education. This mean you immediately have customers who become believers in how we teach music. After only 9 months I have over 20% of my enquiries coming from referrals, I’m told that’s a great result; I see it as normal. The support obtained from all the other partners is definitely in the spirit of ‘paying it forward’. I could not have grown so quickly had other owners be so prepared to share their learning. It’s very much up to you as a business owner as to what you want to achieve; that’s an attractive proposition.”

Nunzio Guinta


You will be passionate about the benefits of music education and the enrichment it brings to peoples lives, both young and old. You will have a burning desire to be the master of your own destiny and build your own successful business. 

We want people who genuinely love working with families. You’re going to be working with children and parents. You also need to have an interest in coaching and nurturing others as you may be mentoring and leading your own team of teachers and support staff.

Can you manage finances? Are you able to work to a budget? We will be interested in how you have done this in your life so far. The ability to plan and budget your money over a period of time is an essential part of going into business. It’s just like the necessity to organise and manage your own home finances. 


Maintaining a positive mindset is the key ingredient to success in business. 90% of successful people have strong self-discipline. Maintaining a positive mindset, doing what needs to be done, learning the things that need to be learnt and keep on doing them will help you realise the vision you have for yourself in your business.

Anyone who has been successful in their business will agree that if you have a burning desire to have or achieve your goals, faith that it can be done and belief that you can do it, you're half way there.

Add to that, discipline to do what it takes and determination and self motivation  to see it through and you're onto a winning mindset. 

We will guid you on how to attract students and keep them, hire the right teachers, implement good administration systems, manage your business through working with KPI's, implement a marketing systems and provide an awesome music education program for each age group with beautiful take home course materials and excellent teacher training.