An interview with Paul Myatt & Gillian Erskine by Tim Topham.

From the beginning, what attracted both Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt to teaching music and later into developing Forte, was the contribution that music makes in children's general education and development. They believe that in addition to benefits of academic success, children gain pleasure and self esteem from the sheer joy of being able to play music.

Whilst not meeting until 1989, both Gillian and Paul independently came to feel the same way about traditional teaching methods - "there had to be a better way..."

Forte was launched in January 1994 in several locations throughout Brisbane. Forte's exclusive teaching materials were revolutionary. One of the most innovative features of Forte music lessons was the inclusion of movement activities into each lesson. A multi-sensory approach was developed which enabled children to be engaged in the music on many different levels, thereby making learning music easier and fun.

In the early years, Gillian and Paul created structured systems and manuals for training teachers. All Forte teachers received comprehensive training in not only the course material but also delivery of the unique Forte teaching methodology. In this way Gillian and Paul have been able to consistently deliver and replicate the Forte concept throughout Australia and overseas.

Continual development ensures the Forte course material and music education style remains fresh and dynamic.

For many years now Forte students have been developing more than just a love of music – they have developed as skilled musicians and wonderful people! Gillian and Paul are understandably proud of all of their Forte students, and look forward to assisting many more children to learn and love music!


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