This could be your dream job…

If you love music, want to grow yourself a viable business in music. The Forte business model has been designed to be flexible so you can build the business that you want to have. Some of our school owners have a teaching background while others have corporate backgrounds. The size of your business is up to you. Some people like to stay small and do a lot of teaching themselves while others are able to build a large team to lead.

No matter which size school you choose to build, one of the unexpected delights is the difference you make in others lives through music. Our programs are designed to build self confidence, make learning music fun and our schools are a great place to hang out. 

Even better… you are joining a great team!

We have a culture of staying in touch and supporting each other. Our collective online forum and video conferencing helps us keep in touch and when we get together at Forte Conference the air is infectious with excitement as we share our stories, our experience and ignite our enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Given that you are considering going into business, you might also be surprised by just how much easier it is when you join a group of successful people with proven business systems, marketing programs, exclusive course materials and a website that sends enquiries to your door!

Our thriving business launched in 1994 and has weathered all kinds of economic cycles. We have schools throughout Australia, in New Zealand and United Kingdom. And we’re growing!

Founders, Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt are very much hands on and expand the business by selecting positive, like-minded people who have a success mindset, are good at coaching and nurturing others, enthusiastic about learning new things and want to build a truly satisfying business in music.

If you feel this business might be right for you, the first step (of a comprehensive process) is to book a compatibility call.

Forte conference FUN!

Forte Conference is the one time of the year we get together in the same place and share ideas, expertise, recharge, re-energise and re-connect to our vision for the year ahead. It’s a busy three days of learning, catching up and of course there’s lots of music!

“I just love it when we all get together…

Some of the best ideas come from talking with the other school owners over a drink at night…”

Forte Culture

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