There are four business models to consider. Each business model caters for different skill level and ambition. Imagine the business you want to develop, the skills and experience you have right now and you will know where the best place to start is.

Home Studio

Only available in regional areas, see the Prospectus for more information.

Single Classroom or Small School

This is the Owner Teacher model where you will be the central teacher in your school holding the fort in the classroom teaching Jungle Music and Music is Fun in the mornings and Keyboards classes in the afternoons.

There are a range of expenses to kick off a new school including fitting out your premises, kitting out your school with instruments and equipment and marketing your business. In return for a comprehensive franchise pack which includes and generous exclusive territory, School operations training on how to build, run and and manage your school, training in teaching the various programs, access to all of our online resources for teachers and owners, your own website page, and a marketing pack franchisees have an initial expenses and an ongoing franchise fee.


A small model school owners will require a budget to fund your set up, working capital and marketing to power up and build your business.


As single classroom Forte School can cater for up to 200 students and a small school up to 200 - 300 students.

Medium School

This is the business person's model. You may do some teaching in the early major growth phase to get up close and personal with the courses and manage the cashflow whilst the student numbers are building.

You will bring some skills you've learnt in other industries to the business. You may have lead a team of staff before or you may have sales and marketing skills and/or management skills. This model is for someone who is mature in outlook and skill level.

Some of our business partners started small and moved into this model in their second term.

Financial Investment (see prospectus)

A medium model school will require working capital to cashflow you through the first months when you are building your student numbers and to back your business with some punchy marketing.

School Size

This size Forte School can cater for around 450 - 500+ students.