WHat aN Amazing Package!

Both founders of Forte Paul Myatt and Gillian Erskine have built and owned several Forte schools over the years. Separately, each owned a large profitable Forte schools of around 750 - 800 students. Along with a great team they built a school from 120 up to 575 students in Sydney whilst living in Brisbane. Paul decided to build a smaller school model in Dee Why school of 300 students which he did over 2007 - 2009.

Paul and Gillian know what it takes to build and operate businesses of this size and have put integrated systems in place for every area of the business from marketing through student retention, imaging through management, staff hiring and training through quality assurance. Take a look below at just some of the reasons why Forte Schools are amongst the most successful in the world!


We've got the look!

Forte image is crisp clean, professional articulated through bright colours of red and yellow in combination with white walls, navy doors and blue carpet. This colour scheme is common to all Forte schools. 


We have a unique music education system which develops the full skill set to create musicians of the future. Traditional piano teaching focuses on a 'read and play' approach dismissing the importance of aural development which is strange really as music is an aural artform.

At Forte while reading is important and our students do learn to read, our philosophy is to introduce all of the musical skills from the very beginning and layer up as children progress through our courses. The broad-based music skill set which we focus on developing includes reading, playing, playing by ear, playing using chords as well as bass clef notation, improvising and composing.

We are the only music school group that offers a full range of courses across the whole age range.

Forte schools also offer tuition on a wide range of instruments the most popular being guitar, drums and singing. Several schools offer rock school programmes and are using the Rock School exam system. 

Documented Business systems & Resources


Fully documented business and education systems training are all easily accessible online. There’s lot to learn so you’ll also be regularly coached to help gain the skills and practice the processes. This all happens before you start so that you can hit the ground running..

Forte Business Partners have a secure business portal where they access resources to help them manage their schools.

Forte teachers also have secure site with all teaching resources including lesson plans, homework sheets as well as a video resource library. The Forte teaching process process is standardised across the whole network through the use of online video teaching content. This content provides the teaching strategies for each course. No wonder students are able to seamlessly transfer from Forte school to school with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

Supportive Community of business owners

You are not alone! Music education can be a lonely journey especially if you’re trying to increase the size of your business.

As business partners we’ll be there to mentor you through all stages of your school growth. You also have the rest of the group to draw on. You have a full collegiate of business partners who have done what you’re doing before you. They will be only too happy to share their experiences.

Each year Forte Conference is a time for us all to get together. The room is always a buzz of excitement, music, fun and friendship. Everyone relishes in the connecting of like minded people doing the same thing, facing the same challenges and rising to the occasion.

Forte Business Partners participate in their own private Facebook group. This active group is where you can ask for advice, share ideas, triumphs, friendship on a whole range of experiences.


The Forte Teacher Performance Appraisal system provides a defined framework to assist your teachers to improve their teaching skills. The music education industry has a lack of accreditation. By developing the skills of instrumental teachers in each Forte schools means consistently high education standards across the network. This also helps parents when they are transferring from school to school. Over the years parents have even transferred into suburbs that have Forte schools to ensure continuity of education for their children.

The Foundation of Music Examination system provides a secondary check that your teachers are doing a great job with your students.

Magnificent marketing systems

The Forte website drives prospective students to your door. No other music school group has this kind of marketing support.

Local marketing activities implemented by Forte Business Parters help to build each school’s student base. The online marketing manual provides the information you need to implement tried and tested promotions.

Each Forte school has its own online presence to interact and network with their local community. These include: Facebook groups & pages, Google Maps, Instagram, online business pages, etc.

Marketing is a hot topic at the national conference each year. New marketing ideas that have been tested and measured throughout previous year are enthusiastically presented and discussed.


Forte training programs develop instrumental teachers in many ways far exceeding traditional instrumental lessons. In an industry with little pedagogical training available, Forte’s unique group and private lesson teacher training helps teachers become workplace competent as quickly as possible.

The Forte School Operations training develops skills in administration, marketing, human resources, management and customer experience. This helps business partners run their business as well as assisting them to deliver consistent and exceptional customer service.

Fabulous Forte Festival!


Each year excitement rings through Forte music schools as the preparation for the Forte Festival begins. The day brings plenty of proud parents, grandparents and wonderful performances from students.

Music is a performance art so your going to be very proud of your students when they have the opportunity to perform for their family and friends in a professional performance venue each year.

Costumes and dress ups are the name of the game and it's lovely to see how special the children feel as they get ready to go on stage. 

Forte Festival is a confidence builder. Developing self confidence is one of our core values.

For their efforts performers young and old receive a Forte Festival medallion. Some children have a whole collection of Forte Festival medallions for performances year upon year.

This is not only a wonderful retention programme, and team builder it also builds the reputation of each Forte school in its local community.