Drum Lessons - Forte School of Music
Age Group:
11 years +
Lesson Duration:
30 minutes weekly
Minimum Practice:
2 - 3 short sessions per week
Instrument Required?
A drum pad and sticks to start


Drums are great fun to play and every rock band or pop bands needs a good drummer. Like guitar, drums are very popular with pre teens and teens.

Playing drums requires good co-ordination skills and a strong sense of beat. Drums are rhythm instrument which set the pace (or tempo) and keeps the time for all the other instruments to fall in line with.

Playing Drum - Forte School of Music

Our teachers are versatile and play a wide range of styles. Many beginners have a real passion and desire to play a particular piece or style. Our teachers know how important it is to satisfy this interest and try to work this in as soon as possible, sometimes in the first few lessons.

Some schools offer a Rock School programme where budding drummers can meet up with guitarists and vocalists and form their own bands.

For younger children, a Forte music course is recommended, where they will gain a wide range of musical skills that any budding musician needs including rhythm and beat development. See Our Philosophy.

Whether you're looking for a course or private lessons, come along to see just how good our teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play at Forte. Click here to find your local Forte School.