Age Group:
4 years + in Forte course // 8 years + in private lessons
Lesson Duration:
30 minutes weekly
Minimum Practice:
3 x 10 minute sessions per week
Instrument Required?


Piano/keyboard is our recommended instrument to start on. It sounds great as a solo instrument or in a band with others.

It is a great starting point because:

  • it's easy to understand

  • all the notes are laid out in order from lowest to highest

  • it is easy to sound a note - just push down a key! (some instrument require quite an effort to make a sound and can prove large and cumbersome for young children)

  • piano is capable of melody and harmony so you can learn to play both


For some, piano can prove tricky to master as it does require the co-ordination of two hands playing different things at the same time while reading notes in 2 different clefs (treble and bass) but if you start young this is easily mastered.

With all this co-ordination, no wonder the piano has been proven as being particularly beneficial for brain development in children! Click here to read more.

We recommend young beginners (4 - 8 yr olds) start with a Forte music course, where all the basics including pitch training are developed. See Our Philosophy.

Whether you're looking for a course or private lessons, come along to see just how good our teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play at Forte. Click here to find your local Forte School.