Age Group:
6 years +
Lesson Duration:
30 minutes weekly
Minimum Practice:
3 x 10 minute sessions per week
Instrument Required?



Violin is an instrument that can be learnt at almost any age from around 4 years. Adults can also happily learn violin and thoroughly enjoy it!

What you'll learn...

  • the correct posture (the way a player stands and holds their instrument) is important and is something that is developed over time

  • to play your instrument

  • to read music and the theory required

  • aural skills especially for pitch are essential for violin. There are no frets on a violin so the player has to develop a keen sense for pitch

For children aged 4 yrs - 8 yrs, a Forte music course is recommended, where all the basics including pitch training are developed. See Our Philosophy.

Whether you're looking for a course or private lessons, come along to see just how good our teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play at Forte. Click here to find your local Forte School.