Age Group:
Any age, but formal training is best from 9 years
Lesson Duration:
30 minutes weekly
Minimum Practice:
3 x 10 minute sessions per week
Instrument Required?
No, but you will need to purchase music books and CD's


Singing is the most personal of all instruments as the instrument is you and your body.

Our singing teachers will customise your lessons so you learn just the right mix of: 

  • technique (breathing, diaphragm control)

  • pitch accuracy

  • diction & pronunciation for singing

  • reading and theory

  • and the songs you want to sing

You can learn to sing at any age. While singing is something that should be enjoyed at all ages it is best not to start learning formally until around 9 years or older. Formal vocal studies start around 16 yrs or older. So that singers pick up the necessary, music reading skills and aural development learning an instrument such as piano or guitar can be a good way to start.


Given that our voices don't fully mature until we are well into our 20's many adults find learning to sing properly a worthwhile experience. Get yourself out of the shower and into our studios and learn to sing. You'll love it!

Once you have gained a few skills why not join an adult choir?

Children under 8 yrs

If your child enjoys singing we recommend joining a Forte course where they will have the opportunity to develop a whole host of musical skills including singing.

We recommend young beginners (4 - 8 yr olds) start with a Forte music course, where all the basics including pitch training are developed. See Our Philosophy.

Whether you're looking for a course or private lessons, come along to see just how good our teachers are and how much you will enjoy learning to play at Forte. Click here to find your local Forte School.