For many of us we get to a stage in our lives where we really want to be doing something we love and that makes a difference in others lives. Certainly this is how our business partners who have had a successful career have felt.

For many after the rigours of climbing the corporate ladder they were searching for something with more personal meaning where they had some autonomy over their work life balance. Maybe this sounds like you…

Whilst each has come to us in their own way, all have a common desire to be master of their own destiny and to build a business where they would have a large degree of autonomy over their work life balance. Of course they all have a passion to make a difference in others lives and the impact they have on others lives is evident in the stories they see unfold almost daily in their schools.

It’s good to know that so many skills learned in a corporate career are transferrable to our music school business. And perhaps this is why our corporates seem to bud their businesses more quickly than the music teachers. Not surprising when you think about it as our business requires:

  • good organisational skills
  • financial management skills
  • people skills 
  • a strong customer service focus
  • marketing skills
  • experience in coaching to manage your team of teachers. 

Our business partners who come from corporate careers find their skills invaluable as they go about building their business. Most of them did learn music as a child to some level, some more than others…. so there is an affinity with music. 

If you have had a corporate career and are wanting step off into another phase of your life lets set up a compatibility call to see if we’re a match or not.