You may be wondering what’s entailed with segueing your current business into a Forte School of Music. Do you even want to expand beyond what you have?

That’s understandable. It could be that you already feel quite successful and pleased with what you’ve managed to put together. You may already have a nice team of teachers who you enjoy working with, but maybe you are wondering if you can build this some more.

For some it may be that their current business is not as lucrative and they want to grow into something larger. For others it’s the loneliness and isolation which often feels like you're are working in a vacuum. I certainly felt like this when I was running my own music school before Forte. There were few touch points to gauge my own success. It certainly felt better to be part of a group that had exactly the same business as me and I could share and ask questions.

Whatever your motivation, this itch has lead you to look and think about new options for the future.

you might be wondering what’s it going to take?

electric bulb.jpg

Energy! Being in business is exhausting and it could be that you are feeling burnt out. Taking on Forte is going to require even more energy and commitment. There will be lots of new things to learn and a new culture to embrace as you lead your team and transform what you have into something more.

We will be looking to see that you feel that you're up for that!

Financial injection

Whilst you may already have premises there will be some expenses. You may need to rejig  the layout to take on classes and there will be other start-up costs such as painting in Forte colours, signage and probably some new equipment like the Jungle Music classroom kit for the early childhood program. There will also be some other start up costs like Forte Teacher Training, School Operations training and agreements. 

Thirst for learning

As you are already in business you have some of the basic business skills under your belt which is great. You will be building on those skills, and adding more, so an openness to learning and embracing new learning is key. We strongly believe in the value of being a life long learner and Paul and I even after being in business more than 25 year are still actively learning new things all the time to improve ourselves and our business and we encourage our business partners to do the same.

Positive Mindset & Can do attitude


Probably the most important attribute of all is a positive mindset and strong desire to succeed. Sure, we have systems that others may only dream of, the implementation of these systems is the key to ongoing success.  A strong commitment to do whatever it takes is the crucial ingredient of all business success. Your business success is ultimately up to you.

What’s great to know is that you are not on your own. There’s a vibrant and enthusiastic community of Forte Business Partners to interact and share the journey with.

If this sounds like you, then choose a time below to organise your compatibility call with me.